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Cappadocia and Pamukkale Tour Turkey

Cappadocia and Pamukkale Tour Turkey

Cappadocia and Pamukkale Tours Turkey

Pamukkale also known as Cotton Castle is the second most visited after and  Cappadocia Turkey. If you would like to spend more time in Cappadocia with additional activities such as trekking in numerous valleys, Yoga sessions, ATV Quad Bike tours etc then we can offer you 2 nights 3 days or 3 nights 4 days tours in Cappadocia as well and then continue to Pamukkale or even an short extension to Konya enroute. Our packages have only hand picked best cave hotels with fantastic views over Goreme town. Kindly contact us for details and let us cater the best option for you to offer a once in a life time memory in Cappadocia!

Day 1-Istanbul to Cappadocia Tour/North

Pick up from your central hotel in Istanbul and transfer to airport to commence our 2 Days Cappadocia Tour from Istanbul. After this moment, without an assistance until you will travel to Cappadocia with e-tickets that our team provided one or two days before your departure. You will make your check-in and board the flight on your own. During the flight, you will be treated with complimentary food and drink onboard. Once you land in Cappadocia airport, our transfer operator will stand by with a paper bearing your name at the exit of the terminal. Continue to our Office in Goreme. Meet the team to make the balance payment for Cappadocia Tour package. We will store your luggages in our Office in Goreme as we will be able to checkin the hotel at the end of the day after our tour.

Just like all others, your first impression will be like you are in a different planet. We will start our guided day trip from Goreme Panorama point for adapting the region.Our guide will inform us briefly about the region history and formation process while we are all in the mood of open-mouthed stare. Then continue  Pasabag located between Goreme Village and the Zelve Valley. This valley is characterized by the conical shape of its abundant limestone fairy chimneys. You may hear this ‘’fairy’’ word very frequently during your visit. Its believed that these places and strange shaped structures was inhabited by some kind of creatures called also pixie(Jinn in Islam) in the past times. But after the revelation of Islam, all these creatures are banned to live near around mankind settlements. This valley is also known as the Valley of the Monks, since in antiquity, monks used to hide in the chimneys as hermits to better practice their religions and beliefs. However they all abandoned the region many moons ago, these caves were used by Turkish locals as vineyard houses or storehouses till the last decade. Now we visit these places as museums. We than continue to Devrent Valley with numerous rock formations that has many interesting shapes that may remind of different objects or even some animals. After this much history and exploration we will get to Avanos (ancient Vanessa) located by shore of legendary Red River to remember we are still on earth! After lunch in a local cave restaurant, we will have a short walk on the suspension bridge over Red River. We will pop in a ceramic atelier to watch a demonstration with 3000 years of traditional kick wheel of ancient Hittites. Our last stop is the most famous official museum of Cappadocia, Goreme Open Air Museum with its several monasteries located next to each other. There are numerous chapels which walls are covered with frescoes by early Cristian craftsman. You will get to know in more depth what the day today of those people who lived in these monasteries was like. Our day ends in our cave hotel where you can also experience the life in modern and luxury caves. Overnight in Cappadocia. Note: We seem to hear ‘’where are we going to dine and wine? No worry, all the hotels that we book in our packages are in the heart of Goreme. You can find numerous options from Turkish to Chinese and even Indian food. You can simply have a five-ten minute short walk after having some rest in hotel and enjoy a food appeal to taste your buds. Just a suggestion: Try not to spend too much time in town as you need to early to bed and early to rise to participate the balloon ride before dawn!

Day 2- South of Cappadocia Tour / Hot Air Balloon Cappadocia

2 hours before sunrise, pick up from your hotel and reach to balloon facility while you are slumbering to enjoy some snacks along with a hot or cold drink whichever you prefer. You may be looking confused whether it is worth waking up so early or not  but wait until you ascend from ground in the basket. Amongst 100 balloons and thousands of travelers, our team will bring you to the balloon that you will ride on. Pay attention to pilot for instructions while you are making room for yourself and adjust your phone and cameras. Enjoy silent festival until you hear the sudden voice of burners! After 1 hour we will land in a suitable area and celebrate the event with a traditional way. Delivery of commemorative certificates and make our way back to hotel by shuttle again. Take a quick shower and enjoy your breakfast and shuffle your photos while you are sipping your coffee. Pick up from hotel and commence the second day excursion of our Cappadocia package. Let’s continue to explore this land from ground again. But this time we will go a further this time and go to the underworld of Cappadocia. One second, are we going back in time till Hittites? Not exactly but yes we will admire more and more deep down today. We will also have a mid-range hike in Rose valley and finish up in Cavusin village. Our day will finish on a hilltop by waving hand to this weird land. Pick up our luggages and ready to go our next destination by riding the night bus to Pamukkale. Night onboard.

Day 3- Tour of Pamukkale and Hierapolis Antic City

After a night long bus journey with domestic flights alike reclining seats, we will reach to Denizli bus terminal early in the morning. Our local team will be waiting for you and transfer to a local 3 star hotel to have some rest, shower and breakfast until our day trip departure at about 10h30. Pamukkale (Cotton Castle) in Turkey is considered today as the eighth wonder of the world. It is presumed that travertines were formed over the course of 15 thousand years. The water that flowed from the underground springs at a temperature of 34 degrees celcius ran through the plain of Menderes, with a high content of calcium bicarbonate, emanating carbon monoxide gas, then to join with the calcium bicarbonate, they dissolved forming the white travertines. Therefore, it is named Pamukkale. We will commence our day trip from The City of Hierapolis was founded on this site in the 2nd century BC. This city differs from the others because it is built on land or rock but on the one formed by limestone water that flowed for centuries through this plateau. “Hierapolis” means “sacred city”, and according to Estéfano de Byzantium the city was given this name because of the large number of temples it contained. Until the reign of Augustus the city was officially described on coins as Hierapolis, the city of temples, but it seems reasonable to assume that this was not the original meaning of the name. Today, the theater, the temple of Apollo and the necropolis are the most important places to see in Hierapolis. Then you will have enough free time to walk barefoot on the white terraces and take so many picture at your heart’s content. In Karahayit located at a distance of 5 km to the north, groundwater with a temperature of 68 degrees Celsius, containing iron, magnesium and sulfur, flows down the hillsides, emitting carbon monoxide gases, thus forming travertines of red color with iron sediments. This place is called Red Water. We will have a late lunch and free time in Pamukkale until your transfer to airport.  *We can also extend this trip with Ephesus or even some more Greek Islands connection with ferry to Samos and Mykonos or flight to Athens or Santorini. 

Price: 430 USD per person in double or triple room and 180 USD for Hot Air Balloon Tour

* Only highly recommended cave/stone hotels are offered in our package with the best rates as a local first hand service provider. Kindly fill in the enquiry form with your travel dates and we will confirm the details along with hotel options and provide you the link for advance payment. Rest? Sit back and look for the date you will come and enjoy your time in Cappadocia!

What is Included 3 Days Cappadocia and Pamukkale tour?

Roundtrip Flights

•  1 Night Hotel in Famous Cave Hotels in Goreme

•  3 Full Days English Guided Excursions in small groups(Private with additional cost)

• Day-use room in Pamukkale for resting a few hours after arrival

•  Entrance fees to the Museums

• Night bus to Pamukkale by comfortable intercity Turkish buses

•  Local Transportation in non-smoking luxury minivans(Mercedes)

•  3 Lunch(Traditional or Vegetarians options) •  Local Taxes