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Hot Air Balloon Tours in Cappadocia

Hot Air Balloon Tours in Cappadocia

Hot Air Balloon Tours in Cappadocia Turkey

Everything starts before dawn, when experienced companies [there are almost 20 companies that offer this adventure] collecting the passengers from their hotels and take them to a meeting point. There a light breakfast is offered and when all the participants are present, the groups moves to the launch off point. One of the wonders of travel in Cappadocia is definitely ride in Hot Air balloons Cappadocia with the absence of noises once the burner goes off. You then have the feeling of floating and flying by feeling the air on your face and arms, of experiencing what is never within reach.

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The extraordinary thing about flying in Cappadocia in Turkey is the possibility of doing it on a unique landscape, the result of a long process of erosion over millions of years. From anywhere in Cappadocia, the silhouette of the volcano Erciyes [3,916 m] is the highest mountain in Asia Minor, a volcano currently dormant but which is the origin of this tortured and beautiful landscape. In its times of activity, its ashes covered the whole region with a thick mantle of tens of meters of thickness. The erosion on these layers of petrified ashes has created unusual shapes in the stone, which has generated a capricious and surprising landscape. To visit this region is, sometimes, to enter into a dreamlike space.

Another detail comes from the history itself. Cappadocia has been inhabited since thousands of years. It has been a place of passage of different routes of caravans and refuge for some of the first Christians who looked for the solitude. In this way they began to carve dwellings and hermitages in the cliffs and in the stone cones. Later they undertook larger and more complex structures, and the churches of these Christian communities are one of the artistic treasures of all of Turkey. This form of architecture has survived until a few decades ago. Ballooning near Uchisar offers one of the best panoramas of this type of housings.

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